Vitality Switch

Vitality Switch™ is an ALL IN ONE Revitalising Super Greens Wholefood Powder. The 33 ingredients have been hand-selected to provide you with some of the planet’s healthiest nutrients.

SUPER GREENS WHOLE FOOD BLEND: Blend of organic, spray free and sustainably farmed greens will help to support your nutrient requirements and diversity . This blend will supply you with concentrated botanicals yielding high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

DIGESTIVE ENZYME BLEND: A lot of people do their best to eat healthy, but their digestive system may not be breaking down and absorbing the nutrients found in their food efficiently. Switch have specifically added a super digestive enzyme blend to help you get the nutrients from your food to support your goals.

GUTBLEND: Switch have added in Wild Caught Sustainable Marine Collagen (except Strawberry Kiwi) and a carefully selected 3 strain heat stable probiotic blend to help you fight the baddies in your belly.


Vitality Switch
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