Beta Alanine


Some amino acids are essential in the body, meaning we need to get it from either food or supplements. Other amino acids are non-essential meaning the body has the capacity to make it. Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid found in the body as well as in animal products.

ATP Science has sourced the highest quality beta-alanine to provide you with a premium product. The supplementation of beta-alanine doesn’t replace a balanced diet and should only be used by adults.

So how does Beta-Alanine work in the body?
Beta-alanine is vital in the production of carnosine in the muscle. What carnosine does is it supports the body to “buffer” or remove hydrogen ions, which is caused when you exercise intensively. Hydrogen ions can make your muscle s ore acidic, which can affect your performance.

Getting rid of those ions may aid in the delay of muscle fatigue due to strenuous exercise. With that in mind, when you eliminate those ions, you may have better chances of doing more reps, sets and intervals. Just remember that beta-alanine will not help you break any record.

What beta-alanine does is help you support exercise capacity. It may reduce lactic acid accumulation in the working muscles, which consequently aids to better athletic performance.

When you have Beta Alanine by ATP Science, you may:

-Increase in performance. When you perform to your very best, you might aid better performance at the gym and results.

-Decrease muscle fatigue. As the body gets rid of lactic acid build-up in the muscle, you might find your muscles might be less sore than usual.

-Support endurance. Less muscle fatigue and better performance might see you lasting those reps and sets a little longer.

Beta Alanine by ATP Science is better paired with a proper diet and exercise plan to suit your fitness goals, you may see better results. This supplement shouldn’t replace a balanced diet as you can get beta-alanine from chicken breast meat and fish.


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Beta Alanine
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