Project Helios


Project Helios: Ignite the Power of the Sun God

Booty N Buff proudly introduces Project Helios, the ultimate supplement named after the mighty Sun God. Inspired by Helios’ radiant energy and relentless power, this product is designed to transform your fitness journey into a path of incinerating challenges and unleashing your true potential.

Thermogenic Inferno

Harness the fiery energy of Helios with our powerful blend. Feel the heat as your body’s natural processes kick into high gear, turning your fitness routine into a dynamic experience. Each dose unleashes the intensity of the sun, helping you reveal a leaner, more defined physique.

Unwavering Focus and Energy

Just as Helios illuminates the world, Project Helios enhances your mental clarity and focus. Experience unwavering energy and concentration, allowing you to stay committed to your goals without distractions. Each workout becomes an opportunity to shine brighter and push your limits further.

Key Features

Mood Elevation: Lift your spirits and maintain high levels of motivation.
Craving Control: Easily manage your appetite and adhere to your dietary goals.
Hydration Optimisation: Achieve a balanced fluid level for a more toned appearance.
Vitality Boost: Enhance your energy levels and sustain peak performance during workouts.
Metabolic Enhancement: Rev up your metabolism for an efficient and productive fitness regimen.
Cognitive Support: Improve mental clarity and maintain sharp focus on your fitness objectives.

Zero Jitters

Unlike other supplements that leave you feeling anxious and jittery, Project Helios ensures a smooth and steady energy boost. Embrace the power of the sun without the unwanted side effects, so you can stay focused and energised throughout your day.

Why Choose Project Helios?

  • Ultimate Fitness Formula: Designed to ignite your body’s natural processes and energise your workouts, Project Helios offers one of the most effective solutions on the market.
  • Divine Inspiration: Infused with the spirit of Helios, this supplement is for those who seek to unleash their inner fire. Every capsule is a tribute to the Sun God, driving you to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Scientifically Formulated: Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, Project Helios delivers on its promise of unparalleled performance and safety.

Become the Light

Helios wasn’t just a god; he was a symbol of boundless energy, unwavering focus, and unstoppable determination. With Project Helios, you’re not just taking a supplement – you’re embracing a legacy. Step into your fitness journey with the confidence of a deity, knowing that you have the power of the sun fuelling your transformation.

Ignite your fire. Transform your body. Shine brighter with Project Helios from Booty N Buff.

For the Strong, By the Strong.

Mix one scoop in 1200ml of chilled water, consume 15-30 minutes prior to training. Do not consume more than 1 serving per day. Store in a cool dry place below 30°C and do not expose to heat or moisture.


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WARNING: Contains caffeine. Not for use by any individual under the age of 18, pregnant or lactating women, or persons sensitive to caffeine. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision. Do not exceed recommended serving, use only as directed. Do not use this product if you are using  any medication or if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Discontinue use immediately if any adverse effects are experienced.

Project Helios
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